2023 – 2001

  • Artany Art  Magazine UK – Global IA Issue 2 – December 2023 
  • Article “Technology adds a new dimension to ancient art of calligraphy ” – the.Ismaili website, August 2019
  • Artworks published on inaugural issues of “Reconstructed Magazine” – Light Upon Light, sponsored by Harvard Religious Literacy Project & Center for the Study of World Religions. Launch Party in New York 06/2019
  • Artwork “The Eternal Seeker” featured in “The Ismaili USA” Magazine, Global Knowledge Exchange – Spring 2019
  • (UX) User Interface Design and live Design challenge presentation at Adobe Creative Jam Atlanta, organized by Adobe Creative Cloud, 01/2018
  • Article “Artist Hamida Madhani promoting Intercultural Dialog” published in Ismaili Mail – A Civil Society Media Blog, 10/2016
  • Certificate of Appreciation “Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, SE US IWG”, Atlanta, GA 11/2013
  • Press release “Symbiosis of Art and Cultures”, Paderborner Blatt, Germany, 09/2013
  • Cover Designed based on “Knowledge Society”, The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2013, magazine front cover
  • Article & Artworks “Art’s Spiritual Dimension”, The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2013, pages 36-38
  • Synthesis” – Artist profile – Western Shore Art Museum & website, May 2012, Tianjin, China
  • AKF Partnershipwalk Silent Auction“- Ismaili Mail website, Canada, October 2012
  • Speech & Presentation “From Art to SpiritualityInternational Ginan Conference, 10/2011, London
  • Artist profile – “The Majestic Horse”,, Jan./2011
  • Artist profile – Ismaili Mail website, Canada, July, 2011
  • Amazing artist with the heart for humanity” – Paderborner Sj blog, Germany, July 2010
  • Design Tutorial article “Good Things Come in Layers”, Creative Technique Magazine, NY, summer 2008, pages 60-65
  • Design Tutorial article “Healing Brush Art”, Creative Technique Magazine, NY, summer 2007, pages 58-62
  • Design Tutorial article “The Perfect Blend, Creative Technique Magazine, NY, fall 2006, pages 78-82
  • Design Tutorial article “Creating Photo Mosaics”, Creative Technique New York, summer 2006, pages 80-85
  • Artwork “Timeless Devotion”, The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2006, pg. 10
  • Artist profile H. Madhani: “Thinking with the Senses“, The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2004, pages 45-46
  • 1st prize “Digital Art Inspiration“, Computer Edge Magazine, San Diego, CA, July 2002
  • Artwork “Illuminations Exploring our Diverse Heritage“, The Ismaili US Magazine, 12/2001, pg. 5
  • Professional Excellence AwardThe Aga Khan Education Board for Excellence“, Atlanta, 07/2001
  • I-Star Award for GraduationThe Aga Khan Education Board for Excellence“, Atlanta, 07/2001

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