Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy, the art of elegant, beautiful lettering is a very ancient part of human history. In the Muslim world Arabic calligraphy is considered among the highest forms of art and devotional activity. I believe art is a universal language which transcends religious and cultural boundaries and through the use of positive words it promotes peace and well being. The paintings in this collection celebrates the beauty of this art form fused with a modern and contemporary style.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is defined as art that does not reflect any form of conventional reality. It is like visual poetry. Instead of words and sentences, abstract art uses color, shape, form, pattern and texture to create a visual dance of the spirit. By its very nature, abstraction encourages free association, which means you can assign your meaning to the artwork. It won’t tell you what it is about and you must experience the artwork for yourself and understand it in your own way. 


Portraits are an abstract symphony of human essence. They weave stories without words, inviting you to unravel the depths of each face. Like poetry written in paint and brushstrokes, these images transcend the confines of conventional reality. Within these frames, you’re the interpreter, free to connect, empathize, and create your own meaning. Delve into this gallery, feel the emotions, and let the intimate narratives within these frames resonate with your own life’s journey.