Appreciation and Feedback from my beautiful clients

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Rahman Jamal Germany

Deine Farbkomposition erinnert mich an Goethe und seine Farbenlehre: "Wär' nicht das Auge sonnenhaft, Wie könnten wir das Licht erblicken? Lebt' nicht in uns des Gottes eigne Kraft, Wie könnt' uns Göttliches entzücken?" Sehr passend!!

-  Global Technology & Marketing Director at National Instruments -

Mark Millers New York

We are enjoying our specially created commissioned painting for the office. It arrived in time for our big opening event. Love it 🙂 Beautiful!!

- Senior Business Analyst -

Hui Fang Beijing, China

Hi Hamida, Your paintings are the epitome of elegance. Thank you for coming to China to present your artwork to us at the Chinese Museum. It was indeed very beautiful and educational experience for us. Hopefully your first step to China will not be your last one.

- Educator & Art Gallery owner -


Rahim Manji London, UK

Hamida - you were amazing in London conference. I heard your speech and was very touched and inspired by you. Your art is special, very beautiful.

- Teacher & an Art Enthusiast -


Islamshah Rahemtulla London, UK

Hamida, We look forward to welcoming you and your specially comissioned Art at the International Ginan Conference in London.  

Nina Amiri Portugal, Europe

Beautiful website; quite refreshing to see something new and different. Love it 🙂

- Real Estate Agent & Art Collector -

Nick Hussein Houston, TX

The calligraphy art looks amazing hanging on my gallery wall behind my living room couch. Love the colors 🙂

- Art Collector -

Jürgen Müller Berlin, Germany

Dear Hamida,
All of your artworks are really very special; they represent a feeling of imagination and combination of colours in a perfect form. Thank you for the beautiful commission painting.

- Naturwissenschaftler -

Georg Meier Germany

Your art is so breathtaking and inspirational. Sehr inspirierende und zeitgenössische Kunst.

- Lehrer & Künstler

Amjad Ahmed Atlanta, GA

Hi Hamida - I saw your exhibition at the Emory Art Gala and I was absolutely stunned. I like your modern calligraphy style.

Aisha Sohani France, Europe

 To go through your website means to walk through the best pieces of contemporary Islamic art.

- Art Collector -

Nazim Walji Augusta, GA

I am a big fan of you paintings. I have seen your art in real and they are so much more beautiful then on the website. It doesn't do justice to your art. 

- Investment Banker & Art Collector -


Zulfikar S. Germany

Wenn Kunst ein Körper ist, dann hat diese Künstlerin die Seele dieses Körpers auf Leinwand festgehalten. Meine Hochachtung für die Künstlerin.

Mariam Habib Atlanta, GA

Wow!!!! Hamida you are truly blessed. Your artwork is beautiful.

- Friend -

Rozina Hirani San Antionio, Texas

Your art work is truly inspirational and beautiful.Love it.

- Cousin -