Press & Awards

My Art Exhibition in Germany

Solo art exhibition "Symbiosis of Art and Cultures", at Kreishaus Paderborn, Germany, invited by the Governor Herr Müller who also delivered the keynote speech. The focus of the exhibition was to encourage and stimulate the intercultural dialogue at different level.

2019 - 1999

  • Artworks published on inaugural issues of "Reconstructed Magazine" - Light Upon Light, sponsored by Harvard Religious Literacy Project & Center for the Study of World Religions. Launch Party in New York 06/2019
  • Artwork “The Eternal Seeker” featured in “The Ismaili USA” Magazine, Global Knowledge Exchange - Spring 2019.
  • (UX) User Interface Design and live Design challenge presentation at Adobe Creative Jam Atlanta, organized by Adobe Creative Cloud, 01/2018
  • Article "Artist Hamida Madhani promoting Intercultural Dialog" published in Ismaili Mail - A Civil Society Media Blog,10/2016
  • Certificate of Appreciation "Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, SE US IWG", Atlanta, GA 11/2013
  • Press release “Symbiosis of Art and Cultures”, Kreishaus, Paderborn, Germany, 09/2013
  • Press release “Symbiosis of Art and Cultures”, Paderborner Blatt, Germany, 09/2013
  • Press release “Symbiosis of Art and Cultures”, Delbrueck live, de, Germany, 09/2013
  • Cover Design based on “Knowledge Society”, The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2013, magazine front cover
  • Article & Artworks “Art's Spiritual Dimension”, The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2013, papes 36-38
  • "Synthesis" - Artist profile - Western Shore Art Museum & website, May 2012, Tianjin, China
  • "AKF Partnershipwalk Silent Auction"- Ismaili Mail website, Canada, October 2012
  • Speech & Presentation "From Art to Spirituality" International Ginan Conference, 10/2011, London
  • Artist profile – "The Majestic Horse”,, Jan./2011
  • Artist profile - Ismaili Mail website, Canada, July, 2011
  • "Amazing artist with the heart for humanity" - Paderborner Sj blog, Germany, July 2010
  • Design Tutorial article “Good Things Come in Layers”, Creative Technique Magazine, NY, summer 2008, pages 60-65
  • Design Tutorial article “Healing Brush Art”, Creative Technique Magazine, NY, summer 2007, pages 58-62
  • Design Tutorial article “The Perfect Blend, Creative Technique Magazine, NY, fall 2006, pages 78-82
  • Design Tutorial article “Creating Photo Mosaics”, Creative Technique New York, summer 2006, pages 80-85
  • Artwork “Timeless Devotion”, The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2006, pg. 10
  • Artist profile H. Madhani: "Thinking with the Senses", The Ismaili US Magazine, 07/2004, pages 45-46
  • 1st prize "Digital Art Inspiration", Computer Edge Magazine, San Diego, CA, July 2002
  • Artwork "Illuminations Exploring our Diverse Heritage", The Ismaili US Magazine, 12/2001, pg. 5
  • Professional Excellence Award "The Aga Khan Education Board for Excellence", Atlanta,
  • I-Star Award for Graduation "The Aga Khan Education Board for Excellence", Atlanta
  • Article & Artworks "Graphic Communications", Palomar College Magazine, CA summer, 2000